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Auction Introduction
:  This auction is a fundraiser to support Kayla and Matthew Polillo at the 4H Shooting Sports National Invitational competition held in Grand Island Nebraska on June 23th – 29th. They will be supporting Park county/Montana at this week long competition for Black Powder/Muzzleloader discipline.  

This is a non-profit fundraiser to pay for the cost of transportation to and from the competition as well as food and lodging for the week-long event. We ask that you only bid if you are serious and committed to follow through with the winning payment. If you would like to just donate to our fundraiser; there will be a donation button. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.



Auction Item Current Bid Current Bidder Bid on Item!
  Item #1    ***Click on image***    22 LR Mini Mags $125.00 Bruce Gilman
  Item #2    ***Click on image*** Berretta Neos 22LR (Shot apprx. 300 rounds) $190.00 Jeannie Burley
  Item #3    ***Click on image*** Scheels Rod & Reel Combo New Unused $45.00 Jeannie Burley
  Item #4    ***Click on image***   Browning Knife Set $25.00 John Gordon
  Item #5    ***Click on image***   Browning Knife Set $20.00 Denise Thompson
  Item #6    ***Click on image***   Browning Knife Set $14.00 Jeannie Burley
  Item #7    ***Click on image***   Browning Knife Set $14.00 Jeannie Burley
  Item #8    ***Click on image***   Browning Knife Set $30.00 Glen Larkham
  Item #9    ***Click on image***   Planet Beach Certificate $70.00 Lisa Kurokawa